Our team partners with you to combine talents in graphic design & brand strategy to help you build a brand that connects with all the right people through gifting.


The Gift Society began in 2019 with Lavinia Goulas, a young woman who has worked within real estate for the last six years. Experienced and knowledgeable of the importance of branding, exposure and referral business, she is not only able to identify her clients industries, she can enhance their branding awareness in their industries through their Gifting experience. Creating ‘The Gift Society’ was another way Lavinia could support her Family and channel her energy through Covid Lockdown, after the loss of her Father in 2020 not long after her first child was born.

Over the years, The Gift Society’s team has grown with energetic and positive driven members who strives to provide nothing but the best quality and service to each of our Clients.

Lets work together and enhance your business branding awareness in your Industry!